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Jesus said in Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."

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Our Program

Person’s addictions have evolved considerably over the years to include a full range of drugs, alcohol abuse, and life controlling behaviors that weren’t as prevalent 5-10 years ago.  Indiana Adult & Teen Challenge understands the uniqueness and complexity of these addiction’s and has tailored our program around the holistic needs of everyone.

Through residential and focused recovery supportive services, we help individuals deal with the root causes of their addiction and develop positive skills and behaviors for a complete recovery.  We provide safe, comfortable accommodations so they can focus entirely on their recovery.  Students must apply to our program and be sponsored by an individual, church or community group to help with monthly tuition payments.  Once accepted, students move in and meet with a Program Director to develop an individual care plan that includes personal goals, and strategies for goal achievement.  Goals and activities include counseling, group activities, employment, volunteering, family relationships and reunification, educational attainment, financial budgeting, spiritual growth, self-image development and life skills training.  Our students progress through a program that emphasizes discipleship and freedom through Jesus Christ. 

The program includes the following:

* Intense Discipleship

* Times of Prayer and Devotion Daily

* Group and Individual Bible Study

* Regular Church Attendance

* Support Groups

* Development of Life Skills & Healthy Relationships

* Community Volunteer Hours



The goal of our program is to help our students who are struggling with addiction to recover completely and become productive, valued community members by providing a comprehensive, holistic, and spiritually based residential treatment program. 

We have identified the following outcomes, each tied directly to overall program goal achievements:

  • Students are recovered from addiction upon program graduation
  • Students are equipped with skills and mind-set to avoid relapse
  • Students are equipped with skills and mind-set successful independent living
  • Students have stronger faith values from baseline to program completion
  • Students have strengthened peer and family relationships